Interview with Rising Chaos Star John Bianco!

Ladies, gentlemen, and Daemons, we’ve got something very special for you today.

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down for a chat with John Bianco. John went 5-1 with his monofaction Emperor’s Children at the Hammerhead Major recently, and has been doing some really innovative stuff with his Chaos.

John’s Emperor’s Children, featuring the “Dirty 30” Terminators

John was really fun to talk with because not only is he a great player, but he is also a real fan of the lore behind Emperor’s Children. We were able to go really deep into the technical side of winning with his style of Chaos list. The video is available below. Please note that the video is uploaded in three parts due to technical limitations.

Here are a few key takeaways:

  1. Ten EC Noise Marines in a Dreadclaw is such a great utility tool
  2. Chaos Terminators are one of the best units in the game at their current points cost
  3. Warp Talons are so overcosted, but a necessary evil to beating some armies like AdMech and Marines
  4. Full wound rerolls from the Remnant of the Maraviglia are a perfect pairing for Volkite Contemptors

Time stamps are below:

  • 0:00 – Why John chose Emperor’s Children
  • 2:30 – List overview and choices
  • 25:07 – Scoring Secondaries
  • 4:56 (Part Two) – Playing different matchups
  • 25:07 (Part Two) – Discussing other CSM Legions
  • 3:08 (Part Three) – Souping Daemons

John Bianco Warphammer Interview, Part One

John Bianco Warphammer Interview, Part Two

John Bianco Warphammer Interview, Part Three

As always, stay safe, have fun, and may the Dark Gods bless your rolls!

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Published: July 6th, 2021. Last Updated: July 6th, 2021.

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