Contest Announcement: Can YOU Beat AdMech with Daemons?

It’s time to celebrate. Belakor’s campaign book is coming out soon. Warphammer recently crossed 150,000 views and is rapidly approaching 200,000 views, which is really cool for a niche site focusing on longform written content instead of videos. Age of Sigmar 3.0 is coming out, which is a big deal for all the Daemons players using their models in both systems. Change is in the air!

To celebrate, we are going to run a contest. Here are the requirements to win:

  • Be the first person to beat AdMech with Daemons

That’s it. Well, that’s not completely it. It has to be at an 2000 point ITC tournament of at least 16 people, and you have to be running mono-faction Daemons. Non-ITC international events of equal size also count. Just send me a screenshot of the pairing and the lists at and you’re good to go.

The winner will get a $15 Ebay gift card and a copy of the book Daemon World shipped to them. I reserve the right to make good faith discretionary calls such as coming up with an alternate reward if you live somewhere where shipping costs would be too high or something seems off about the submission, but that’s the general idea.

AdMech are absolutely absurd right now, but anyone that has faced them with pure Daemons already knows that. Absurd doesn’t mean unbeatable, even if it sometimes feels that way. Best of luck to everyone out there grinding out wins with their mono-faction Daemons armies. May the best Daemon win!

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