Website Getting Updated! Please Excuse Any Tech Issues for a Few Days

Hey everyone! Myself and my Warphammer partner Wallace have been at work behind the scenes thinking of ways to grow Warphammer and make the best content we can make.

As part of that journey, we’re working on some partnerships and updating the website. Warphammer has grown from a small blog getting ~100 views on its first articles to a full-fledged website approaching a million unique views, and we’re working on a more professional website to reflect that. This may include a URL change (the “-” in bugs me!). If we do that, don’t worry about losing track of where its hosted. We’ll keep active for a long time to alert people, and eventually set it up as a re-direct to a new website if we go that direction.

It’s been so much fun sharing my enthusiasm for the hobby with other Chaos players around the world, and I’m so thankful for everyone who has joined our community, supported Warphammer, or even just read an article. Anyone reading this is a true legend of the warp.

In the meantime, I’m working on a few articles to release once the website is updated. Hang tight for a few days, and check back later this week for the best Warphammer yet!

As always, have fun, stay safe, and may the Dark Gods bless your rolls.

2 thoughts on “Website Getting Updated! Please Excuse Any Tech Issues for a Few Days”

  1. I found this page by accident or destiny or by getting lost in the warp and I have been enjoying its content.

    Your guides are nice, but I feel your articles where you tell your experiences at tourneys or in general your experience with the hobby are nicer. Like I really believe that you have the skill to create interesting stories.

    I wish you the best of luck on your new endeavor.

    See you in the warp

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