The Lord of Change: Interview with Wallace O’Donnell, Who Went 5-1 at LVO with a Summoning List!

My beautiful and spiky friends, I’ve got something extra spicy cooked up for you today. My good friend Wallace O’Donnell went 5-1 at the Las Vegas Open with a Tzeentch based list and summoning. In a tournament scene where the top lists often look very similar, Wallace’s creative list was a breath of fresh warp-infused air.

(Artwork Credit: Crista Lbr)

Wallace is a creative player who thinks about the game in a unique way. If you’re not leaving some summoning points in your list yet, you’re going to seriously consider it once you hear some of the strategies he pulled off.

And I don’t want to spoil it for you, but an 85 point model of his killed 3 Knights turn 1. You have to love playing Chaos!

Full Video

Timestamps are provided in the video description.

Wallace’s List

  • Daemons Battalion
    • Be’lakor (Penumbral Curse, Pall of Despair)
    • Lord of Change (Incorporeal Form, Impossible Robe, Exalted: Lord of Flux, Gaze of Fate, Bolt of Change, Infernal Gateway)
    • 2 x 10 Pink Horrors
    • 2 x 3 Nurglings
    • 9 Nurglings
  • Thousand Sons Cult of Manipulation Patrol
    • Ahriman on Disc (Firestorm, Doombolt, Temporal Surge)
    • Infernal Master (Weaver of Fates, Glimpse of Eternity, Malefic Maelstrom)
    • 10 Rubric Marines (Ardent Automata, Presage)
    • 5 Chaos Spawn
  • Reinforcement Points
    • 250 Summoning Points

Main Takeaways

highly recommend you watch the full interview so you can have fun with us and catch all the details, but here are a few quick takeaways that every fan can take away from Wallace and I’s discussion:

  • Summoning gives you so much flexibility. You have the chance to add a model with the specific psychic powers you need or the exact tool for the job.
  • Movement wins games. Wallace is an expert with movement and move-blocking his opponents, and it paid off in every matchup.
  • Disciples of Be’lakor are the real deal. They are looking like a great counter to a lot of currently strong armies, and the recent points drops were really good to them. Now is a great time to give them a shot if you haven’t already!

Note: Excited to get your Chaos army on the tabletop? Me too! I’d love to work with you on making your fun or weird Chaos idea into a competitive list. If you’re interested in supporting the growth of Warphammer and quality 40K writing, feel free to check out and join the team. Additional benefits and coaching are available.

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Published: February 3rd, 2022

Last Updated: February 3rd, 2022

12 thoughts on “The Lord of Change: Interview with Wallace O’Donnell, Who Went 5-1 at LVO with a Summoning List!”

  1. Bel'barras the fool

    Hail blessed champion of the shifting many and ofc high magister Wallace! Thanks for another banger. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Great interview, insightful, entertaining and inspiring! Oh throne of lies, that glorious treason of tzeentch moment is probably one of the greates stories in 40k history. Poor chap on the recieving end though – thats some filthy dark eldar wrinkle-removing-rejuvination levels of anguish and despair 😀 Also happy to hear your optimistic thoughts on Disciples of Be’lakor. Keep up the good work and may the dark gods shower you with blessings!

  2. Awesome interview. I love hearing about summoning shinanigans. Is there anywhere I can see Wallace’s games streamed? It’s one thing hearing about splitting pink tactics, even better to see it in action

    1. Thanks Tom! We had a ton of fun

      In terms of his games, he never was selected for a stream table at LVO. But we are hoping to get into recording battle reports sometime this year, so there may be streamed games from him and I later!

  3. Great story about the knights, except there was a bit at the end that sort of bothered me. It sounded like when the knight player was trying to figure out how to do the least damage, the Tzeentch player knew he was doing his math wrong, but didn’t say anything until it was too late. I get that you shouldn’t be responsible for someone not knowing their own army, but it still feels a little shady.

    1. Wallace O’Donnell

      Functionally, either the stomp of Magnerna Fist kill his knight (as the fist was D10, and I’d only have a 6+ against it). So I said nothing to sway my opponent either way when he selected his attack profiles, as I had also assumed he knew his relic better than I.

      He, however, was confident he had NOT killed his night with the stomps before I reminded him of the mark’s +2 damage. Which happened AFTER the rolls have been made.

      This said, Steven was a class act and we had a great experience playing together, so there are no hard feelings between the players 😀

  4. You did an awesome job, thank you very much!
    Your analysis on the result that you achieved and this interview are really useful material.

  5. Is summoning allowed first turn now? Otherwise eye opening play as you said you couldn’t script any better.

  6. Perhaps it is my own ignorance, but in trying to recreate this list, I do not know the third HQ for the Daemons battalion. It’s a changecaster, correct? That would be the 85 point model to leave 260 points for summoning. I haven’t quite finished the interview yet, so apologies if it is there and I missed it. What disciplines did the changecaster have?

    1. Hey GN, a Battalion only needs 2HQs–Belakor and the LOC. He summoned the Changecaster when needed with the powers that fit the situation. Summoning gave him flexibility in that regard!

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