Taking List Submissions for the Next List Review Article!

Update: Enough lists received, thanks! Starting to pick through and find the ones that will work the best for analyzing for an article, but they are all awesome. Good luck on the tabletop to everyone who sent in a list!

The previous list review article was very well received (https://warp-hammer.com/2021/12/21/striving-for-perfection-reviewing-reader-lists-to-identify-common-mistakes-and-provide-tips-for-everyone/), and I had a lot of fun doing it.

So let’s do it again!

Please include the list in a readable format, as well as any context for understanding the list. For example, say you send in a Thousand Sons list with 3 Helbrutes. Just sending the list isn’t nearly as helpful as adding “I want to run 3 Helbrutes because I don’t own enough other models to make a 2K point list/I want to run 3 Helbrutes because they’re my best-painted models and I want to submit my army for paint scoring/I think they’re neat”. That’s really cool and I can then give feedback about optimizing that list with 3 Helbrutes.

If you’re interested in having your list featured and analyzed, shoot me an email at WarphammerOfficial@gmail.com. Please copy the list as text in the email, not a .rosz battlescribe file. Look forward to seeing all the creative Chaos lists people send in!

(Also apologies to anyone who sent an email to Warphammer before and didn’t get a reply. Using my personal email as the website’s email was a bad idea and made it way too hard to keep track of things. We’re going to use the official warphammerofficial@gmail.com going forward, which should make it much easier to keep track of things.)

2 thoughts on “Taking List Submissions for the Next List Review Article!”

  1. Just a piece of light CC, but it would be nice to be given a deadline for these kinds of submissions, so people can make sure they get their lists in on time.

    Thanks for all you do!

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