Reviewing Snot Goblin Gaming’s Modular Terrain System!

Hello my daemonic friends! We’ve something very different for you today.

I’ve received a couple offers to do reviews, but have politely turned them down because they didn’t seem like something I would personally use. I place a lot of value on the relationship between myself and the readers, and am only going to feature a product that I can honestly recommend.

When I saw Snot Goblin Gaming’s modular terrain system, I realized I had finally found a new product that seems great for both myself and others. Finding quality terrain that won’t take up lots of storage space is a tough challenge for many hobbyists. I’ve certainly felt that crunch living in an apartment and owning around 50,000 points of Chaos! Will Snot Goblin Gaming’s terrain set finally be what I’ve been looking for?

I want to give Mike from Snot Goblin Gaming a thank you for sending me a terrain set to review. Everything below is my honest thoughts.

What Is It?

Snot Goblin Gaming’s terrain system is a modular terrain system that can be easily assembled and disassembled. It’s designed for competitive play and features many of the terrain pieces/styles you’d see on tournament tables, but is also really convenient for the kitchen table gamer.

The ability to quickly assemble and collapse your terrain is going to make it really convenient to squeeze in games when you find the time. The current set reminds me of the GW Open competitive tables I’ve played on, and I know Mike is working on adding more styles in the future.

I like that you have some choices in how you build it. Unsure whether to build your terrain with the first floor windows open or closed? This set gives you both options, and you can change your choice between games. That’s really, really cool to me.

My First Time Building It!

Building the bottom floor of an “L” piece

I quickly learned it’s really satisfying to put together. If you can put together a 40K kit, you can definitely put together this terrain.

Top floor on an “L” piece built

You basically build it in sub-assemblies, and then easily combine the sub-assemblies together. One cool idea I picked up on while building the terrain is you don’t necessarily have to built all the terrain like they suggest.

If you want your “L” ruins to be shorter, you can just not include the segments at the end in your assembly. If you want some more scatter terrain, you can just parts how you want.

Be’lakor for scale

You get a lot of pieces with your kit to use in different ways. Just from building the 6″x12″ L-piece, I had many walls and connectors left over to building some random pieces to scatter around the battlefield as husks of ruined buildings and add some flavor. You’ll definitely have some fun with these kits!

Any Downsides?

My only issue was figuring out how some pieces go together. They have a video instruction guide and a slideshow on the website, but some details (like how to orient certain pieces) were missing that took some trial and error to figure out. Once I figured it out it came together quickly. Just make sure to set aside a bit more time for your first time assembling it, or sit down and do it with a friend!

I’m Interested? What Do I Do Next?

Starting August 9th, you can pre-order your own modular ruins on their Kickstarter here. If you’re in the US and want a free Goblin Hut 6×3” L-ruin, just sign up on their landing page here with a shipping address with Referral Code “Warphammer”!

As always, have fun, stay safe, and may the Dark Gods bless your rolls!

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