Status of the Nurgle Daemons Guide, and Thoughts on Disgustingly Resilient

Hey everyone, hope you’re doing well. We’ve received a lot of questions about when/if the Nurgle Daemons guide is coming, so I just wanted to quickly address that.

The recent Death Guard codex previews indicate that Disgustingly Resilient is changing for Death Guard units (from a 5+++ feel-no-pain to -1 Damage to incoming attacks). This leaves Nurgle Daemons in a grey area, since they share the same rule:

  • Will this Death Guard codex contain datasheets for Nurglings and Plaguebearers like the previous codex did?
  • Will these units have the new Disgustingly Resilient rule?
  • If so, do Chaos Daemons have to use the new datasheets for Nurglings and Plaguebearers? If not, this creates an absurd situation where summoned Death Guard Nurglings would have different datasheets than Nurglings in Daemons detachments
  • Currently, the new Disgustingly Resilient is literally useless for Nurglings (since they only get it against one-damage attacks) and Plaguebearers (reducing damage by one doesn’t help one-wound models). Will they get a new rule to replace it?
  • Most importantly, will the Disgustingly Resilient change for Death Guard get FAQ’d to also impact Nurgle Daemons? Great Unclean Ones go from “more competitive than people think” to “horribly overpriced” if they have to use the new Disgustingly Resilient rule without a points decrease or offsetting upgrades.

Any of these answers could have a major impact on how Nurgle Daemons play, so I’ll hold off on publishing the (nearly finished) Nurgle Daemons guide until we have clearer answers.

Personally… I really dislike the new Disgustingly Resilient rule, and am worried that it will get applied to all Nurgle Daemons when the Death Guard codex drops. Part of what makes units like Beasts of Nurgle great is how swingy their defensive profile is. The opponent could need to do anywhere from 5 to 10+ Wounds to kill a single Beast. Creating shot allocation struggles for your opponent is always a good thing. Replacing the feel-no-pain with a flat damage decrease will reduce the variance, helping the opposing player more than the Nurgle player.

Ultimately, it is what it is. Rules that were once core to a faction’s identity have changed plenty of times over the years. I would much prefer receiving occasional changes that nerf my factions than a stagnant game. 9th Edition is incredibly fun, with increasingly tactical and objective-focused gameplay that makes it a great time to be a Daemons player. Nurgle fans will adapt and find new ways to win.

In the meantime, we’ll continue making content focused on the other Gods. As always, stay safe, have fun, and may the Dark Gods bless your dice rolls.

2 thoughts on “Status of the Nurgle Daemons Guide, and Thoughts on Disgustingly Resilient”

  1. Why is nobody talking about possible new rules to summon Daemons in the new DG Codex? This could be a real game changer

    1. Fabian Jose, really great point. Very interested to see if there are new rules relating to summoning in the new Death Guard codex. Could have huge repercussions for Daemons, as you point out

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