Come Check Out Our Warped Wednesday Podcast On Our New Channel!

Know I’ve mentioned it here before, but we’re having so much fun with Warped Wednesdays that I had to share it again.

For those that don’t know, myself and my Warphammer partner Wallace O’Donnell do a weekly podcast called Warped Wednesday. After a hiatus, we restarted it several weeks ago.

We’ve moved it (as well as all future Warphammer video content) to Wallace’s current channel, Wallace Hobbies. Eventually, we will rename that channel to “Warphammer” and rename the current Warphammer channel to “Warphammer Archives”, not uploading any new content but leaving it up for anyone who wants to browse the old stuff. Wallace has been working on some amazing ideas for video content and he will be the primary Warphammer video content creator, while I will be the primary Warphammer written content creator… both working together to bring you the best content that we can!

So long story short, jump over to and subscribe to catch all future Warphammer content! And feel free to join us for this week’s episode of Warped Wednesday and all future Warped Wednesdays, available below.

3 thoughts on “Come Check Out Our Warped Wednesday Podcast On Our New Channel!”

  1. I really love those episodes. The vibe is so welcoming while being very competitive!
    It’s the perfect mix between top notch advice and also not being too serious about it. And the bromance between Mike and Wallace is just cherry on top. 10/10 will listen again !

  2. Are you thinking about putting the episodes up on Spotify, Podbean, etc too?
    Would be great to be able to download them 🙂

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