Announcing the Return of… WARPED WEDNESDAYS!

I’ll keep this announcement short because I’m really excited about this. A while ago my close friend and fellow Chaos star Wallace O’Donnell and myself started a podcast called Warped Wednesdays. It was positively received, but after 10 episodes, we had to put it on hold because we both got really busy and had trouble coordinating times to record.

We’ve gotten our Chaotic energy in alignment again, and can finally announce that Warped Wednesdays are BACK!

For those unfamiliar, Warped Wednesday is a podcast that comes out on Youtube every Wednesday at 8AM EST, starting next Wednesday. We’re planning to add it to podcast services if the audience continues to grow.

We usually cover one main topic that has a ton of helpful tabletop tips for any aspiring Chaos players, but also have other fun segments to bring the joy of the hobby to fans everywhere. My personal favorite is “Whose Relic Is It Anyway?”, where we read the flavor text of Chaos relics or warlord traits to each other and try to guess which one it is.

Here is our last episode as an example: Feel free to subscribe to the Warphammer youtube channel so you get every episode as soon as it comes out. Our next episode will come out next Wednesday.

Until then, have fun, stay safe, and may the Dark Gods bless your rolls!

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  1. Great news!
    Really enjoy the friendly banter between Wallace and you. Glad to hear back from you both!

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