Announcing a Daemons Discord, and an Opportunity to Support the Site

Daemons Discord Created

Hey everyone! After some requests for a place to grow the community, I decided to create a Discord for Daemons players. Should be a fun place to chat gameplay, share lists, post pics of models, stuff like that. Come by and say hi!

Link is available here, I’m not a Discord expert so please comment if this link ever breaks and I’ll update the link:

Supporting Warphammer

On another note, I wanted to give readers a chance to support the site. WarpHammer is a passion project, created with one goal in mind: Create the best content for Daemons and general 40K players that I can. But the reality is that hosting a website costs money, and writing longform articles takes lots of time. I also want to expand our Daemons content in ways that realistically will cost money–collaborate with other content creators, create battle reports, commission an artist to create a website logo. Support from readers would go such a long way towards helping Warphammer grow.

I want to make one thing completely clear: ALL content will ALWAYS be free. Just want to read but things are tight financially? I totally understand, no problem. I appreciate you reading, and you will still see the same content at the same time as everyone else.

But for those that want and are able to help this site grow into the best resource for 40K players that it can be, I created a chance to give back:

Thanks for checking it out, and regardless of whether you want or are able to contribute, thank you SO much for reading Warphammer! I struggled to think of a benefit to give the top tier since I already committed to keeping all content free for everyone, so decided that if you join the top tier, I will write you a Chaos list to your specifications (anything from “most competitive Black Legion you can build” to “fluff-focused Word Bearers and Nurgle Daemons for a 50PL league” and do a personal one-on-one phone call to discuss how to play the list.

Up next week is the article about how to beat every Chaos army, including Daemons–should be really fun, so be sure to come back and check it out. As always, stay safe, have fun, and may the Dark Gods bless your rolls!

4 thoughts on “Announcing a Daemons Discord, and an Opportunity to Support the Site”

  1. Really like your blog and just became your first patron. As totally newbie in WH40 and CSM looking forward to learn the game!

    1. Hey Sergey! It’s funny, I just sent you an email before coming here to check for comments and seeing this

      Thank you so much for your support, and I look forward to talking with you further!

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